Notebook on Sex Ideas (ADULTS ONLY)

Which part of the body does he/she like to be touched? (besides the obvious parts) – read Body Parts

What type of sex should I be expecting from him/her?

How do I spice up my sex life?

What is his/her sexual fantasy?

What’s wrong with me? My sex drive is so high/low.

You can answer these questions and more using astrology. You look at the Mars and sometimes Venus in a natal chart for the answers. Mars usually shows the sexual desire and drive of a man and often that of a woman too. For women, Venus sometimes show the sexual desire instead. In some cases, Venus can show the sexual desire of a man too (this is most likely when the straight or gay man is “passive” on the bed and in life in general). How do we know which planet – Mars or Venus to look? Simple – ask the person or experiment and observe. It’s either one or the other.

Look at the sign of Mars first, then Venus if the description for Mars doesn’t quite click. Have fun!

Mars/Venus in Aries loves it when …

  • their hair is played with, held or grabbed
  • He/she gets a head massage when giving head
  • Their face are slapped, maybe with your dong/boobs
  • Sex is rough and aggressive
  • He/she gets their way even if you just don’t feel like it.


Mars/Venus in Taurus loves it when …

  • You touch them anyway and everywhere as they have a sensual body really
  • Both of you french kissing for hours
  • You use your tongue to do anything to his/her body. How about a tongue bath?
  • a guy has a sexy Adam’s apple
  • You do stuff to, hold on to his/her neck and ears
  • Both of you have plain old fashioned sex.
  • You look and smell nice
  • The place where you have sex is nice and comfortable. Think music and candles. Avoid smelly toilets.


Mars/Venus in Gemini loves it when …

  • You play with their hands, arms and shoulders
  • You use the hands and fingers to go into holes sometimes instead of the dong
  • You are talkative or make noises during sex.
  • You communicate during sex
  • You sex text him/her while he/she is at work.
  • You try every position, sexual fetish at least once, just for the craic
  • You have sex in a car (the car in the garage counts too)


Mars/Venus in Cancer loves it when …

  • You do stuff to his/her chest, breasts, pecs, nipples
  • He/she is pleasing you. So don’t be afraid to let him/her know what you like although he/she probably aren’t too adventurous when it come to sex
  • He/she gives you head
  • Feelings are involved


Mars/Venus in Leo loves it when …

  • You give him/her the royal treatment. Make him/her feel important because of his/her VIPSex is a game. Check out Monogamy Game for Couples, a board game
  • Sex is playful with laughter, tickles and fun
  • You do stuff to his/her shoulders and/or the upper back when making love
  • You do a romantic number with him/her. You place your hands on his shoulders/her sides
  • Love making is romantic


Mars/Venus in Virgo loves it when …

  • You caress or hug his/her tummy
  • Sex is clean and hygiene. Yes condoms if both of you are having casual sex. Smelly sex is out
  • You are competent and well-practised in sex as he/she can be picky as to how you do it
  • Sex is perfect


Mars/Venus in Libra loves it when …

  • You grab his/her love handles when making out, when doing anything.
  • The place and bed where you have sex looks nice
  • Both of you climax. It’s only fair this way


Mars/Venus in Scorpio loves it when …

  • You focus on the private parts and the fuck
  • Sex is penetrative, intense, passionate and soul-bonding
  • No fetish is too taboo
  • You do it in secretive locations
  • You get into some hanky panky in the back rows of a movie theatre/empty theatre or under the table clothes in a restaurant
  • Deep throating is involved


Mars/Venus in Sagittarius loves it when …

  • Both of you have anal sex
  • Hips, butts and thighs are involved
  • You actually have a philosophy of sex. Read up on the Kama Sutra, kundalini sex, maybe even dry orgasm.
  • Both of you have sex during your travels e.g. quickies in bathrooms of restaurants, trains or planes
  • Sex is adventurous


Mars/Venus in Capricorn loves it when …

  • Someone is in charge. Think control and restriction here. Bondage maybe
  • You plan and schedule sex meetings in his/her diary
  • You have sexy knees and involve it and the area around it as much as possible
  • One of you are on your knees while doing stuff
  • Sex is serious
  • Teeth are used carefully


Mars/Venus in Aquarius loves it when …

  • You are logical and detached
  • Sex is done in a group, e.g. with friends, swingers’ parties, orgies
  • You have a scientific approach to love making
  • You have sexy calves. Turn him/her on by wearing shorts or skirt. Use the calves when making out


Mars/Venus in Pisces loves it when …

  • Fantasy and role play are involved
  • Drunk sex or sex with drugs are involved (I’m not advocating drugs here btw)
  • Sex is sensitive, gentle and tender
  • You have sexy feet
  • You give him/her a foot massage. Or suck his/her toes



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