Are New Year Resolutions Doable?

 New year’s coming soon. What’s your new year resolutions?

Christmas is approaching and very soon, it’s going to be a new year. When I was younger, like many, I painstakingly took to making ambitious new year resolutions. And never kept them. I then tried to make my resolutions very simple and easy to achieve. But I didn’t keep to them too. Eventually I just gave up on making them as I couldn’t bear facing the fact that I’m a lazy bugger and doomed for failure as I couldn’t keep my resolutions.

Are you like me? If so, read on. However, if you keep to your new year resolutions, read on too.

When you go for a roller coaster ride, do you get on the car when it has stopped at the bottom of the track? Or do you try to get onto the car when it is already up in the air which is impossible unless you are superman? Likewise, when you make a new year resolution, it’s like trying to get a ride when the cars are up in the air. That’s why your new year resolutions aren’t any good.

Or let’s say a couple is trying for a baby. Their strategy is to have lots of sex outside of the “window of opportunity” i.e. 5 days before and after ovulation (or so I read from Wikipedia). The sperms don’t get to meet the egg. Therefore, the chances of the woman being pregnant is very slim. Likewise, when you make a new year resolution, it’s like trying for a baby when you have sex way before or after ovulation. That’s why your new year resolutions don’t work.

Don’t get me wrong. Resolutions are great. What is key though is when you make them. Astrologically speaking, it’s suggested that you make them on your birthday. Resolutions made then have the greatest chance of survival. Unless your birthday falls on 1 Jan, why not give new year resolutions a miss this coming year?

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