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In my post on Are New Year Resolutions Doable?, I talked about how futile it is to make New Year resolutions as the chances of you keeping to them are nil. The best time to make them is on your birthday so that you have the greatest chance of keeping them AND you feel awesome that you can do it.

Here’s how to keep your resolutions. 

Note: you can replace “resolutions” in this post with “new goals”, “new projects”, “new habits”. Basically any new beginning of any sort and the advice given below will still work.

2 Months Before Your Birthday

Think about the resolutions that you would like to give it a go for this upcoming year. Write them down.

On Your Birthday

Happy birthday! Today is a day of new beginnings. Make a head start with the resolutions that you had written down 2 months ago. If you haven’t done it earlier, you can do it today. So, if one of your resolution is to go to the gym, then go to the gym today even if it’s only for 10minutes. This is important as it helps to kick start your year and set your resolutions into motion.

2 Months After Your Birthday

Ask yourself about your progress on the resolutions. Are there any changes or anything you need to do to keep to your resolutions? Then do your best to put those changes into action.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (unless your resolution is to be more playful this year). Incidentally, this is a great time to socialise and meet new people. It’s likely that you will enjoy the company of others and you are able to work effectively with them during this time.

3 Months After Your Birthday

Watch out for people, events or circumstances that stops you from keeping to your resolutions. They are not evil or out to ruin your plans but merely to test you so that you can prove to yourself, them and the world that you are determined to keep your resolutions. However, if you aren’t too fussed over keeping them, it’s possible that things just happen to make you give up on them.

4 Months After Your Birthday

Life seems easy and just flows. There’s few obstacles from people or circumstances. You may feel pretty good about yourself. You may even think of taking a vacation if the weather is right.

Now is the time to reflect on your progress on your resolutions.

For those resolutions that have worked out well, this is the perfect time to firm up on them and do any fine tuning.  You may be tempted to think that everything is smooth sailing from now on without you having to do anything else. This is certainly not the case! Avoid being complacent. Continue to work on your resolutions. Thankfully, you should find them easy enough to keep at during this time.

For resolutions that aren’t working, see whether you should cut your losses and prepare for a fresh start by making new resolutions. If you aren’t too sure which one to ditch or keep, you will often feel better about those that are worth saving.

6 Months After Your Birthday

This is the climax of what you have been doing for the past six months.

If you have done what is suggested above, congratulations! Success is knocking on your door. You have accomplished much! Remember to celebrate your achievements. But try not to feel arrogant or superior from your success as you could provoke people in authority (over you) and they may oppose your success. More importantly, you are not done with the work on your resolutions yet. You need to make them a permanent part of yourself.

You could also feel lousy and discouraged that things have not worked out. It is likely that you have already failed several months ago, but it’s only now that the truth of your situation has finally hit home. Don’t give up! Make up new resolutions that avoid the flaws in the dead ones and start on them. Chin up!

8 Months After Your Birthday

Life seems easy and just flows. There’s few obstacles from people or circumstances and you may feel pretty good about yourself. You may even think of taking (another) vacation if the weather is right.

If you were successful two months ago, it’s time to review your recent achievements. Think of how you can benefit from the resolutions that you have kept and use them in the future for your work, health, home and family or yourself.

If you started new resolutions two months ago, now is the time to look at what hasn’t worked out and make some tweaks and changes.

If you haven’t started any new resolutions two months ago, now is not the time to cry over spilled milk. Do everything you can to see if you can give whatever’s left of your resolutions a last go. It’s never too late! The easy vibe of this time can help you to do so.

3 Months Before Your Next Birthday

You may feel that you are done with your resolutions by now and start to turn your attention to something new. Sorry, you are not entirely done yet. There’s still another month to go. Keep at them. Seemingly random situations, people or circumstances that are related to events that happened 3 months ago may try for a last time to deviate you from your resolutions.

2 Months Before Your Next Birthday

10 months have passed since your birthday. You have come a long way indeed. Now is the time to take it easy, wind down a bit and take this opportunity to reflect on how this year has gone for you. What are the takeaway points for you? It’s time to come up with new resolutions for your upcoming birthday!

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