Full Moon Ritual







In my previous post, I talked about using a new moon to make wishes relating to new commencements of all kinds. Similarly, do you know that it is possible to make use of a full moon to make wishes relating to completion or cessation of all kinds of matters? For example, if you have been wanting to end your smoking habit, you can make a wish on the next full moon to stop smoking. Similarly, if you would like to spend less money on buying things that you wouldn’t immediately need, you could make a wish to stop that too.

To recapitulate, the easy way to remember the type of wishes that you can make under a new moon and a full moon is:

  • New moon – make wishes relating to commencements of a thought, word(s), an action or a habit
  • Full moon – make wishes relating to completion/cessation of a thought, word(s), an action or a habit

Why not try some full moon magic and make some wishes? If it doesn’t work, you may end up feeling silly. But if it does, well, you get what you want.

The steps to the experiment are as follows:

  1. Determine when is the next full moon. The calendar at the bottom of this page will show you when the next full moon is taking place.
  2. Within 48 hours from the start of a full moon, write down two to 10 wishes of your choice. IMPORTANT: the wishes can only relate to yourself and not other people.
  3. That’s all! Wait for your wishes to come true.


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